TRFSEF 2019 Awardees

Next year’s TRFSEF is on Saturday, March 21, 2020 at the
Rochester Museum and Science Center.

TRFSEF Save the Date 2020

Teachers only need to provide your name, school, email, and phone number (your school number works!).

***All RED students should download the required safety paperwork before they start experimenting or building. Their work needs to be approved and signed by the required adults!

If you have questions, email the Science Fair Director.

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TRFSEF Save the Date

Topic Presentation: These students simply prepare a poster and report. They collect NO data, or make nothing more than a simple model.

Research / Engineering Design: A student’s RED project will involve collecting data and recording the results in a bound lab notebookS/he will (1) run an experiment, collect data and analyze results, or (2) make continuous improvements while, for example, building a machine or designing software.

Safety Paperwork: There is paperwork required for every project submitted to the science fair. Topic Presenters and middle school students need to complete a two page form. High school RED students must submit “SRC forms” to the Scientific Review Committee. They can complete their paperwork for e-signature, or download it for hard-copy signature.


Please follow our outdoor signage to the large parking lot marked below in yellow. 

March 16 Parking Map