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What is a parent’s job for science fairs?
What vocabulary do I need?
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  1. Please let a child choose a project with little or no parent input. Students put more time and energy into projects inspired by their own interests.
  2. While you may help your child locate resources; you do NOT prepare reference lists or fact sheets!
  3. Think of yourself as Chief Listener, Cab Driver, Paperwork Signer, and Number One Fan.
  4. If in your family you are the “Clock Hawk” tracking everyone’s schedule, please add the registration deadline to your Master Calendar.
  5. If Fate decreed that you are the mentor for the project - making sure that the fair’s safety protocols are being followed, the procedures have been reviewed by appropriate experts BEFORE experimentation begins, and such - click the SRC link above for details NOW!
  6. Homeschoolers, you or your child's mentor will register as the Teacher. ID as homeschoolers; later in the registration process, we will need the school district to which you submit your IHIP and quarterly reports for the district count we submit to the international fair.
  7. Most importantly, lock in Fair Day as a day to get your child to the Fair on time. Then come back later with your camera for public viewing, and be ready to applaud away at the Awards Ceremony.



Topic Presentation: Your child will simply prepare a poster and report on something s/he has learned in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering or Math..

Research / Engineering Design: Your child’s RED project will involve collecting data. Your child will run an experiment and record the results in a lab notebook, or make continuous improvements on something s/he is building record all the changes being made in a lab notebook. 

Safety Paperwork: There is paperwork required for every project submitted to the science fair. For Topic Presenters and middle school students, it is a two-page form. High school RED students can complete their paperwork for e-signature, or download it for hard-copy signature.

This is REALLY important: All RED students should review the required safety paperwork before they start experimenting or building. Their work must be approved by the required adults with the necessary signatures, or they will not be allowed into the Fair!

If you have questions, email the Science Fair Director.



You need to relax. The point is for your children to explore his or her own talents and interests in a really productive way. Think of it as “trying on careers” each year.

Guides to online registration:  Student PDF    
Note: "Teacher" can mean parent or mentor, especially for homeschoolers and students participating through 4-H, Boys and Girls Clubs, and such.
Your student can simply put organization in via "Other" and go on from there.

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