In order to keep our students, judges, and volunteers safe, we have decided to hold the 2020 TRFSEF as a virtual fair on April 4, two weeks later than originally scheduled.

After discussing the option of the fair could go virtual on the 28th, many other issues and restrictions have arisen. As a result, the 2020 TNRSEF has been cancelled. Terra has authorized its fairs to consider inviting 2020 students to submit their work in the next fair cycle and join us in Potsdam in March of 2021 with the research they have already completed. We know that GENIUS Olympiad 2021 will accept older submissions, so projects relating to the environment will be eligible for international advancement as well.

Judges and Volunteers:

Volunteers, your commitment and time will NOT be wasted. Now we encourage you to serve as a SCIENCE FAIR JUDGE! On fair day (April 4), we will judge every project, assign every award, and advance every student to whatever competitions end up happening in the coming months.

Below you will see how that process works – how very well you will be able to encourage the wonderful kids registered for the fair. We also encourage judges from the TNRSEF to sign up for the TRFSEF: since we are holding judging online, you will be able to judge from the comfort of your own home! (TRFSEF Judging Registration)

What are the qualifications?

  1. For Senior Level judging you need either 10 years’ experience or a Bachelor’s degree in science, technology, engineering or mathematics.
  2. For Junior and Topic judging, you need a high school diploma.
  3. We ask EVERYONE to polish their enthusiasm and willing ears for fair day.

TRFSEF Students:

  1. Get your safety paperwork submitted so it can be reviewed. If there’s a problem, contact us right away inside STEM Wizard. (Note: Fifth graders may be having difficulties uploading forms. Email those files directly to this email address:
  1. If you do not have access to a computer, laptop or notebook for your judging interviews, use STEM Wizard to contact us immediately. We can work this out so you ARE in the fair training and judging!
  1. Attend one of the virtual Student Fair Trainings on March 19th and 20th for access to the “virtual Exhibit Hall” where you will meet your judges. You will get an email next week with the exact times and details about how to sign in. We want you to have an adult with you for both your training and the judging on the 21st, please.
  1. Practice your presentations, telling the dog, the doorknob, and every member of your family the story of your voyage of discovery!

We are so proud of all the TerraFair Science Fair Students – thank you for your hard work and diligence…

TRFSEF Adults:

We want you wonderful sponsors to know that Terra is here to field your questions and help with the technical challenges. In particular, we are well aware that students out of school may not have access to the internet via computers, laptops or even cell phones. We do have contingency plans built into our Virtual Fair template.

We need every sponsor to verify the following information for each of your students.

  1. Does the student have home access to the internet with a  computer, notebook or laptop on their fair day?
  2. If not, does the student have home access to a cell phone on their fair day?
  3. We must have a phone number that can be used at the student’s home so we can communicate with children if schools are closed and they lose internet access. They WILL still be able to participate, but only if we can reach them.

You will receive an email that will provide the link to where you will report on each of your students’ fair day internet access.

Let us finish with a huge THANK YOU for being such a willing advocate for the minds of the young people preparing for the TerraFairs and for their future.

How will virtual judging work?

    Judges will attend the fair remotely using a computer with a mike. Expect email details and the link to access GoToMeeting.
  • JUDGE TRAINING (required)
    We will host four online training sessions. You only need to attend one training session.  Please block the hour but expect only 45 minutes. You will not only review the rubric, but also complete technical training, including testing your microphones and GoToMeeting access. (You will receive an email detailing times.)
    Before Fair Day, you will receive abstracts of your assigned projects.
    A Fair Committee member will host your “room” in which your team of at least three judges meets the student(s) for 3-6 assigned projects. One project’s student(s) will “enter” the room for their scheduled interview block. You will see the poster on the shared screen during the interview as they field your questions. After they “exit,” you will complete your judging reports for that specific project. When all your projects have been presented, your team will deliberate, assigning the various fair honors and working with the Committee Host to identify appropriate recipients of special awards.

Thank you all for your time and commitment as we head into our first virtual fair! And worry not, more information will be coming soon for TRFSEF.

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